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The Sunbeam Mine Cemetery, near Challis

Submitted by: Beverly Oels. A lady drop these photos off with Beverly. If the lady will contact us we will be glad to credit her with taking the photos.

Name Born Died Notes
Alice Davenport Jan 2 1928 Sept 12 1935 age 7
Greer, Jasper W.     2 yrs 3 days plot
Greer, W.     1? yr 8 months  plot
Lee, John H   Jan 24, 1888, age 41 yrs, 8 mos. Masonic Emblem
Pierce, Ada J. Jan 19, 1887 Aug 22, 1953 plot
Pierce, James C. Nov 2, 1873 July 30, 1935 plot
Swensson, F. O.   Nov 1880