Leslie Cemetery

Contributed by Irene Lawson - IMLawson2@aol.com

"This Cemetery is just off the road 1/2 miles past Leslie, on the left hand side of HWY 93 going north; you have to go through a farmers fence, past a pump and to the left of that is the Cemetery. It is all fenced in. I inventoried this cemetery in Aug, 1995."- Irene Lawson

Adams, Baby no dates, par: Juanita Adams
Arellano, Thomas R b. 8 Sep 1937, d. 28 Aug 1997 Lafayette, Col.,
par: Anita Rodarte, S/w Louise
Asay, Eleazer b. 8 Feb 1892 Moural, Utah, d. 26 Jul 1972 Arco, Idaho,
par: Eleazer & Emeline Winor, Asay, S/w Henrietta LaPreal Busk, [mrd] 21 Dec 1914, Richfield, UT.
Asay, Henrietta LaPreal b. 29 Apr 1894 Central, Utah, d. 22 Feb 1986 Leslie, Id.
Par: Anna Neilson & John N Busk. S/h Eleazer Asay, [Obit] Post Reg., page 6-a
Asay, Reha b. 28 Mar 1930, d. 1932,
par: Eleazer & Henrietta, Lapreal Busk, Asay
Asay, Ruth b. 1922, d. 1924
Cook, Marvin Lyman b. 8 Aug 1861 Doniphan, Ks, d. 18 May 1943 Leslie, Idaho,
par: Syriah Bigelow & Daniel Cook
Dension, Scott Edward b. 15 Oct 1975 Arco, Idaho, d. 29 Feb 1976 Leslie, Idaho,
par: Peggy Ann Rothwell & Edward Dension. Post Reg., March 2, A-18
Gilbert, James b. 13 Jul 1874, East Grafton, Willshire, Eng., d. 15 Mar 1948 May, Idaho,
par: Sarah & James Gilbert, S/w Martha A.
Gilbert, Martha b. 1875, d. 1920,
par: S/h James Gilbert
Gilbert, Norman Ray b. 16 Nov 1944 Pocatello, Id., d. 15 Feb 1999 Pocatello, ID.,
par: Bernice Rhodes & Leo R. Gilbert, S/w Ardith Willford, [div]
Gilbert, Wanda b. 23 Jan 1917 Monroe, UT., d. 6 May 1998 Arco, Idaho,
par: Henrieta Busk & Eleazer Asay, S/w George J. Gilbert, [mrd] 21 Dec 1935.[Obit]
Jones, Belva b. 4 Jan 1907 Ogden, Utah, d. 14 Sep 1967 Arco, Idaho,
par: Gloria Folkman & Harry D. Brown, S/h James F. Jones,[mrd] 1 Jun 1933 SLC, UT
King, Ellis R. b. 20 Jul 1902 Spanish Fork, UT, d. 16 Jun 1982 Darlington, ID
par: Mary Ellen, Kerswell & William Cornelius King, S/w Hilda Knighton, [mrd] 28 Nov 1923, SLC UT. Obituary
King, Hilda b. 12 Jan 1906, Woods Cross, UT d. 6 Oct 2000, Idaho Falls, ID.
Parents, Harriet, Tovey & James Knighton Obituary on file on Butte County, site.
Larson, Roger Lee b. 5 May 1943 Idaho Shoshone, ID., d. 2 Sep 1989 Bruneau desert,
par: Joanne Kulhanek & Leland U. Larson, S/w Bonita Parker, [mrd] 13 Sep 1968 Logan, UT, [Obituary.]
Lemmon, George Otto b. 21 Oct 1902 Panquitch, UT, d. 12 Mar 1920,
par: Mary Elizabeth Bell & John James Lemmon
Lindeman, Louise Horsch d. 24 Apr 1938, S/w August Lindeman
McKinley, Floyd b. 1895 Silver Lake, KS, d. 2 May 1949 Idaho Falls, ID,
S/w Grace Amelia Thomas
McKinley, Jane b. 1 Jun 1946 Pocatello, Idaho, d. 2 May 1946 Idaho Falls, ID.,
par: Shirley Asay, Twin to June
McKinley, June b. 1 Jun 1946 Pocatello, Idaho, d. 3 Jun 1946,
par: Shirley Asay, Twin to Jane
Metcalf, Cheryl Dean b. 15 Sep 1958 Leslie, Idaho, d. 15 Sep 1958 Leslie, Idaho,
par: Shirley Dean Hobley & Lynn Jay Metcalf
Metcalf, Shirley Dean b. 6 Jun 1928 Garfield, d. 25 Jul 1980 West of IF, ID, car wreck.
par: Eunice & George Hobley, S/h Lynn Jay Metcalf, [mrd] 24 Apr 1946, Idaho Falls, ID. Obituary, Post Register 28 B-7, Marvel Mort
Miles, Frank b. 13 Sep 1893, Orangeville, Utah, d. 1957
Par, Rosetta Parthenia, Curtis, & William Franklin Miles
Miles, Rosetta [Parthenia] Curtis b. 23 Jun 1866, Moroni, UT, d. 4 Mar 1930 Leslie, ID,
par; Mary Caroline Barton & Erastus Curtis, S/h Wm Franklin Miles, [mrd] 22 Oct 1885, Logan, UT
Miles, William Franklin b. 19 Oct 1887 Orangeville, UT, d. 29 Nov 1936 Blackfoot, ID
par: Rosetta Parthenia Curtis
Peterson, Joseph b. 1920, d. 1920
Rodarte, Anita G , b. 5 Oct 1900 Saguache, Colo., d. 16 Oct 1998 Arco, Idaho,
par: Juan D. Onecima Vigel Gonzalez, S/h Leonard Treijillo, 2. Delfino Martinez. Obituary
Stoddard, James Allen b. 1932, d. 15 Jan 1938
Wells, Baby no dates, par: James & Lillian Wells
Wells, Clancy b. 23 Jul 1920 Leslie, Idaho, d. 23 Jul 1920 Leslie, Idaho,
par: Eva Augusta Lemmon & William Ray Wells
Wells, Gwendolyne Kay b. 22 Mar 1950, d. 22 Mar 1950
Wells, Hugh Mosiah b. 7 May 1898, Leslie, Idaho, d. 11 Jan 1918, Leslie, Idaho
par: Ruwaine Moon & Oscar James Wells
Wells, James Erastus b. 3 Dec 1884, Malad, Idaho, d. 12 Aug 1944, Leslie, Idaho.
par: Ruwaine Moon & Oscar James Wells. S/w, Lillian Rosetta Miles
Wells, Lillie Rosetta b. 13 Sep 1893 Orangeville, UT, d. 1 Apr 1982
par: Rosetta P. Curtis & William Franklin Miles, S/h James E. Wells, [mrd] 1 Dec 1911, Leslie, ID
Wells, Mark Holland b. 15 Mar 1926 Leslie, Idaho, d. 19 Mar 1931
par: Lillie Rosetta Miles & James Erastus Wells, [mrd] 1 Dec 1911 Leslie, ID
Wells, Mary b. 22 Jan 1926 Leslie, Idaho, d. 22 Jan 1926 Leslie, Idaho par: Malinda Ellen & Jonathan Wesley Wells, [headstone] "Our Darling"
Wells, Merle R. b. 13 Jun 1921 Leslie, Idaho, d. 28 Jun 1923 Leslie, Idaho
par: Malinda Ellen & Jonathan Wesley Wells, Our Darling
Wells, Oscar James b. 14 Aug 1859 Willard, Utah, d. 10 Jul 1939 Leslie, Idaho
par: Nancy Malinda Whitaker & Erastus Nelson Wells, S/w Ruwaine Moon
Wells, Ruwaine Moon b. 23 Sep 1865, St. George, Utah, d. 1 Ma 1900 Leslie, ID par: Elizabeth Kemmish & Hugh Moon, S/h Oscar James Wells
Wilson, William S. b. 2 Mar 1869, Keakuck, Iowa, d. 3 Nov 1951 Challis, Idaho
Better known as "Doc" Wilson the Dentist. The old newspaper story about him, Published in the Arco Advertiser, reported by Southern Custer County Historical Society historian, Iva M Tipton. I have a copy of that article.
Young, Baby d. Jun 1912 Leslie, Idaho

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