Clayton Cemetery

BAKER, Annie Hall b, 4 Jul 1849, died, 1912 Clayton, Custer, Idaho
BAKER, Baby died Clayton, Custer, Idaho
BAKER, Edwin b, 1870 died 1949, Clayton, Idaho
BAKER, Fred C b, 25 Aug 1912 died, 11 Jan 1976 Clayton, Idaho
BAKER, George L. b, 1881 died 1963 Clayton, Idaho
BAKER, Jess b, 1879 died, 1969 Clayton, Idaho
BAKER, Nancy b 21 Dec 1957, died, 25 Jul 1962, Clayton, Custer, Idaho
BAKER, Ruby N. b 30 Aug, 1906, Ely, Nevada, died 10 Mar 1981, Salmon [hospital] Idaho [Obituary available]
BAKER, Wanda b, 23 Jan 1932, d, Jun 1937, Clayton, Idaho
BAKER, William b. 15 Feb, 1872 died 28 May 1936 Clayton, Custer, Idaho
BELL, E. died 1888 Clayton, Idaho
BETZ, A b.16 Feb 1853, Wisconsin died 29 Apr 1933, Mackay, Idaho [single]
[Certificate of death attached to record] parents: August and Caroline Stark, Betz
BONHRIA, F.L. died 1889, Clayton, Idaho
BRADSHAW, Carri E. b 23 May 1900 died 11 Aug 1991, Clayton, Idaho mrd: Roy, 19 Dec, 1919
BRADSHAW, Cornelius 12 Feb 1918, Salt Lake , Utah died, 24 May 1966, Clayton, Idaho [served in WWII]   
parents: Sadie and Thomas Bradshaw, spouse: Dorothy Judd, mrd. 1 Oct, 1952, Shelly, Idaho
BRADSHAW, Leonard b 8 Oct 1920 died, 9 May, 1993, Clayton, Custer, Idaho
BRADSHAW, Roy b, 29 Aug 1891, Chilly, Idaho, died, 14 Jan, 1968, Clayton, Custer, Idaho
[served in WWI]   
parents: Elizabeth and William Bradshaw; spouse: Carrie Leudiger mard: 20 Dec 1919, Clayton, ID.
BRADSHAW, Sadie b: 26 Oct 1881, Midvale, Utah died: Jan 1961, Salmon, [hospital], Idaho
father: Cornelius J. Sullivan spouse: Thomas Bradshaw mrd: 1 May 1917
BRADSHAW, Thomas Eugene b: 28 Jul, 1920, Sullivan Hot Springs, Idaho died: 19 Mar 1989, Idaho Falls, Idaho
parents: Thomas and Sadie Marie Sullivan, Bradshaw
BREEZEE, Chase Peyar b:7 Feb, 1875, died: 30 Aug, 1956, Clayton, Idaho
BRICKER, J. Dave died, Clayton, Idaho
BRICKER, L Vernon died, Clayton, Idaho
CAMPBELL, Lavina J. died: 1895, Clayton, Idaho
CANYON, Godfrey died: 1888, Clayton, Idaho
CARMAN, Rose b 1868 died: 1952, Clayton, Idaho
CARMEN, Rud L. b 1864, died: 1916, Clayton, Idaho
CLEARLEY, Elmer b 22 jun 1873, Camas Prarie, Idaho, died: 2 Jul, 1944, Clayton, Custer, Idaho
CLEARLEY, Francis b, 1873, died 1956, Clayton, Idaho
CLEARLEY, Grover b, 1885, died: 1954 Clayton, Idaho
COLE, E.R. b, 1914, died: 11 Sep, 1972, Clayton, Idaho
COMBS, Dicki b 1934 died: 1936, Clayton, Idaho
COMINOTTI, Antone b, 1862, died: 1926, Clayton, Idaho
COMINOTTI, Coally died: 1972 Clayton, Idaho
COMINOTTI, Gioranna b 1878, died: 1955, Clayton, Idaho
COMINOTTI, Lee b 1911, died: 1967, Clayton, Idaho
COMINOTTI, Martha C. b 1954, died: 1965, Clayton, Idaho
CREIG, Mable and baby b 1896, died:1926, Clayton, Idaho
COOPER, Bertha b 1878, died: Clayton, Idaho
COOPER, Timothy 1874, died: Clayton, Idaho
DEL RAE, [Felece] Felix died: Clayton, Idaho
DOERING, Joanne, O'Sullivan, "Anna" 102 b: 17 Nov, 1895, Sullivan Hot Springs, Clayton, Idaho
died: 2 Apr, 1998 Ketchum, Idaho
parents: Sarah and Cornelius O' Sullivan, spouse: Maxton A. Doering, mrd: 18 Dec, 1926, Kalamazoo, Michigan [obituary available]
ENNIS, Francis Matilda b 19 Dec, 1898, Utah, died: 8 Apr, 1972, Lost River, Idaho [Cemetery Sullivan Hot Springs, Clayton, Idaho] [obituary available]
ENNIS, Patrick b 23 Oct, 1925, Boise, Idaho, died: 10 May, 1992, Salmon, Idaho,
parents: Tillie Sullivan and James L. Ennis
ENNIS, Thomas b 1864, died: 1933 Clayton, Idaho
ERICKSON, Eric b 1844, died: 1910, Clayton, Idaho
ESTILL, J.T. died: 1933 Clayton, Idaho
FELLADARI, Henry b 1907, died: 1935, Clayton, Idaho
FISHER, Andrew Jackson 92, b 2 Dec, 1863, Rory, county, Mo. died: 17 May, 1956, Idaho Falls, Idaho;
burial at Clayton, Id. [obituary available] parents: David A Fisher. spouse: Mary Albertson mrd: Apr. 1886
FISHER, Bonnie b 1931, died: 1941, Clayton, Idaho
FISHER, Daniel died: 1950, Clayton, Idaho
FISHER, Fletcher DeForrest, "Bud" 72, b, 7 Dec, 1925, Clayton, Idaho died: 10 Jan, 1997, Clayton, Idaho; parents: Gynnie and William, Fisher, spouse: Patti Hutchins mrd: 5 Oct, 1947, Walla, Walla, Wa. [obit]
FISHER, Larry M. b 10 Nov, 1957 Challis, Idaho died: 3 Aug, 1971, Clayton, Idaho
parents: Evelyn Bricker and Lee Fisher
FISHER, Mary b 1868, died: 1940 Clayton, Idaho
FISHER, Ora died: Custer,Idaho
FITZGERALD, DOTE b 1896, died: 1927, Clayton, Idaho
FITZGERALD, Richard J. b: 1830, died, 1896, Clayton, Idaho
GALBREATH, Donna b 7 Sep, 1912, Hayden, Union, N.M., died: 24 Jan, 1990, Missoula, Montana
[Hospital] parents: Delphia Boen, and Alvin D. Palmer Spouse: Rev. Clyde O Galbreath, mrd: 1 Mar, 1936.
GEVGOTTE, George died: Clayton, Idaho [there are three children of his buried there.]
GIAMPEDRAGLIA, Paul b 19 Aug, 1911, Sunbeam, Idaho died: 20 Mar, 1998, Poulsbo, Washington, [cremated]
GOSSI, Donald R. b 31 Mar, 1927, Challis, Idaho, died: 24 Apr, 1993, Clayton, Idaho [ US Navy]
parents, Eva, Ellis, and Raymond, Gossi.
GOSSI, Harold Lewis, Jr. (baby) Sep, 1924, Clayton, Idaho died: Sep, 1924, Clayton, Idaho
parents: Ada Papworth and Harold Lewis, Gossi [ ancestral file]
GOSSI, Martha Celia b 29 Mar, 1872, Clifton, Franklin, Idaho died: 1935, Clayton, Idaho
parents: Lydia Ann Beebe and William jasper, Howell, spouse: Phillippi, Gossi
GOSSI, Fred b 30 Jan, 1893, Clayton, Idaho, died: 22 Jan, 1965, Salmon, [hospital] Idaho parents: Martha Cecilia, Howell, and Phillippi, Gossi, spouse: Rosa A Carmen mrd: 2 Oct, 1917, Mackay, Id.
GOSSI, Leo b 21 Apr, 1905, Clayton, Idaho died: Sep, 1935, Clayton, Idaho
parents: Martha Cecilia, Howell, and Phillippi, Gossi
GOSSI, Phillippi b 29 Aug, 1862, Milan Italy (immigrated 1868) died: 14 May, 1935, Clayton, Idaho
spouse: Martha Cecilia Howell
GOSSI, Rose b 1897, died: 1967, Clayton, Idaho father Carman, spouse: Fred Gossi
GOSSI, Virgil b 19 Mar, 1914, Clayton, Idaho died: 9 Jan, 1964, Clayton, Idaho
parents: Martha Cecelia, Howell and Phippipi Gossi
GREIG, MABLE, and Baby b 1896 died: 1926, Clayton, Idaho
HARTWIG, Rex b 1913 died: 1970 Clayton, Idaho
HAYSMAN, R.H. died: 1896, Clayton, Idaho
HEINES, Ed b 1884, died: 1965, Clayton, Idaho
HELMAN, Samuel b, 1835, died: 1910 Clayton, Idaho
HUGHES, Peter b 1830, died: 1876 or 96, Clayton, Idaho
LEVZINGER, Fridolin b 1873 died: 1939, Clayton, Idaho
LEVZINGER, Jacob b 1851, died: 1919, Clayton, Idaho
LEVZINGER, Margaret b 1873, died: 1931, Clayton, Idaho
MARAFFIO, Andrew b 1928, died: 1934, Clayton, Idaho
MARAFFIO, Baby b 1924 died: 1925, Clayton, Idaho
MARAFFIO, Jimmy b 1 Jul, 1924, Uppr Salmon River, Idaho died: 17 Jul, 1945, Clayton, Idaho.
father:Andrew Miraffio
MARKER, Margie b 1897, died: 1928, Clayton, Idaho
MCLASEY, Edith b 1897 died: 1937, Clayton, Custer, Idaho
PAPWORTH, Daisy M b 3 May, 1879, Cairo, Alexander, Illinois died: 11 Mar 1942, Clayton, Custer, Idaho
parents: Bertha Emily, Kaufmann and Orson, Heartt Spouse: George Ellis Papworth
PAPWORTH, George b 9 Nov 1876, Ogden, Utah. died: 14 Mar 1939, Clayton, Idaho
Spouse: Daisy Mae Heart. parents: Emily Martin and James Robert Hull Papworth.
PAPWORTH, Ray b 1894-5, Clayton, Idaho. died: 17 Jul 1944, Clayton, Idaho
PAPWORTH, Winnie b 2 Dec, 1906, Clayton, Idaho died: 1 June 1925, Clayton,Idaho
parents: Daisy May Heart and George Ellis Papworth
PEEL, Edwin Fredric b 1912 died: 1913, Clayton, Idaho [there were 2 small graves by this one.
PEEL, Allen b 1913, died: 1913, Clayton, Idaho
PEDRIN, Peter b 1869, died: 1926, Clayton, Idaho
PEDRINI, Louie b 1911, died: 1923, Clayton, Idaho
PEDRINI, Catrina b 1886, died: 1950, Clayton, Idaho
SMITH, Andrew b 18 Mar 1849 died: 18 Mar 1891, Clayton, Idaho
SMITH, Bill b 1917,
SMITH, Charles b 1877 died: 1897, Clayton, Idaho
SHEEHAN, Daniel died: 1898, Clayton, Idaho
SMITHERS, Allan Howard b 18 Jan, 1941, Ogdensburg, New York. died: 27 Feb 1997, Clayton, Idaho
parents: Marion Bailey and Leon H. Smithers. [obituary available]
STREMMER, Davis Lynn b 6 Dec 1949, Wolf Point, Montana died: 10 Apr 1976, Snake River- Firth area, Idaho
parents Margre Frederick and Victor Stremmer. Davis drowned - boating on the Snake River. Was in the Army   
THAOMAS, A. Marie b 1935, died: 1937, Clayton, Idaho
TRAPP, Paul Creighton b 25 Sep 1949, died: 14 Feb, , Clayton, Idaho
parents: Lenor Green and Creighton F Trapp.
TUNNISON, Paul died: 1912 Clayton, Idaho
VERBECK, Lyell Arthur b, May 1875, died: Aapr 1961, Clayton, Idaho
VERBECK, Norma Jean b 25 Mar 1953, died: 22 Oct 1955, Clayton, Idaho
WEBB, George William died Clayton, Idaho
WILLIAMS, Daisy b 22 Apr died: 23 Aug, Clayton, Idaho
WILLIAMS, Fred Emry b 1857, died: 1891, Clayton, Idaho
WORTHINGTON, Beal died, Clayton, Idaho
WORTHINGTON, Lawerence b 1900, died: 1937, Clayton, Idaho
YACOMELLA, Celesta; b 1869, died: 1959, Clayton, Idaho
YACOMELLO, Frank M b 1821, died: 1935, Clayton, Idaho
YACOMELLA, Marco b 1868, died: 1942, Clayton, Idaho
YOUNG, Bert Edwin b 1889, died: 1921, Clayton, Idaho
YOUNG, Edwin C b 1923- died 1951
YOUNG, George H b 3 May 1847, Council Bluff, Iowa. died: 22 Jul 1922, Clayton, Idaho
Spouse: Edwina Mariah Walker parents: Constantia Elizabeth Clememtine Langdon and Phinehas Howe Young
YOURHLY, Edwina C b 1851, died: 1923, Clayton, Idaho


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