Chilly Cemetery

An old mining town in the southern part of Custer County on Hwy 93, 17 miles N.W. of Mackay, Idaho.
Settled in 1899 by pioneers from Utah;  post office, 1903-1934.
Named for the temperatures that reached 30 to 40 degrees below zero.

Chilly - The Rise and Fall, by Ray Thalman   |   Chilly, by Marge Fulton Smith

Averett, John:     born, 28 Jan 1895; died, 21 Sep 1899;  Parents Thomas and Susannah Oldham, Averett.

Averett, Ann Coates: born, 3 Apr 1855, Salt Lake, Utah.; died 21 Aug. 1910, Chilly, Custer, Idaho
                                Parents;  Joseph and Ann Dutton, Coates. spouse, William Clark Averett.

Bascom, Burrett I:  died, 1940.

Bascom, Edevard W, born: 1838; died, 1925

Bitton, Esther Aileen: born, 23 Jul 1916, Blackfoot, IDaho; died, 12 Jan 1999, Arco, Butte, Idaho. [obit available]
                  parents; Margaret Moss and James Pendleburg.
                  spouse (1) Eldon B Bailey [div].  (2) Clint Bitton, mar 18 Jul 1957

Blatz, Virginia: born: 19 Sep 1919, Rock Creek, Kansas. died: 18 jun 1984 enroute to Salmon, ID. [obit available]
                  parents; Alice E. Reeves and Mitchell Roderick. spouse; Don Blatz, mar, 29 Jan 1945, Los Angles, Ca.

Bradshaw, Elizabeth: born: 1860 died 1920.

Bradshaw, James Marshall: born, 8 Aug 1888, Challis, Custer, IDaho.

died; 23 Oct 1945, Firth, Bingham, Idaho.
                   "dispute" on death, 21 Oct, 1945, Firth, Idaho. parents; Wlizabeth and William Bardshaw

Bradshaw, John E.: 1881- 1941.

Bradshaw, Menona E: born 28 Sep 1919; died, 13 Jan 1922.

Bradshaw, Myrtle: 1895-1924.

Bradshaw, Ray: born 2 Jan 1916, Chilly, ID. died, 3 Aug 1991, Challis, Custer, Idaho.  [obit avaiable]
                Parents, Myrtle Bruns and James bradshaw  spouse, Leona Luthy mar on 20 Mar 1937 at Arco, Idaho.

Bradshaw, William, Jr.: 1875-1932.

Bascom, Marion P: 1839-1927

Browne, Lula C : 1891-1934.

Childs, Cecil Kenneth: born 24 Jun 1901 at Dover, Snpt, Utah. died, 26 Apr 1927 or 28 Mar 1927 [ancestral file]
                parents Ann Marion Coates and Franklin Irving Childs.

Childs, Leo L: born 19 Aug 1881, Orangeville, Emery, Utah. died 11 Feb 1920.
               parents, Angness Fullmer and Parker Albert Childs, Sr. SPOUSE, Matilda Nielson [ancestral file]

Childs, Inger B. Tilda: born 1880, died 22 Mar 1953. Death date  70 years, 8 months.

Childs, Tilda: 1884-1925

Childs, Willard: born 11 Nov 1910, died 12 Nov 1910. parents, Inger B and Leo L Childs.

Clark, Emilene N.: born 1 Mar 1867 , Utah. died 11 Nov 1924;
               parents, Marian Dallen and C.H. Wheelock. spouse, Joseph Clark.

Clark, William Claud: born 18 May 1889, Mt Pleasant, Utah. died 29 Dec 1908.
             parents, Ermininia May or Henninine May Wheelock and Joseph Oririn Clark.

Clark, Delbert E.: born 1 Dec 1927 Huntington, Ore.  died 7 Dec 1993, Mackay, Custer, IDaho
           parents Ruth Carpenter and Walter S. Clark. SPOUSE, Alyce Byrne at Jackson Hole, Wyoming. [obit available]

Clark, Hibbard: born 19 Aug 1906, Chilly Custer, IDaho. died 21 Oct 1906, Chilly, IDaho.
           parents Eerminia May Wheelock and Joseph Orrin Clark. [ancestral file]

Clark, Joseph Orrin: born 1 Jul 1861, Mt Pleasant, Utah. died 23 Oct 1936, Challis, Custer, Idaho.[ancestral file]
           parents Sarh Elizabeth Gilson and Orrin Smith Clark.   Spouse Erminia May Wheelock

Clark, Marjorie: born 9 feb 1901, Chilly,Custer, ID.died 15 Apr 1901. parents Ermimia May Wheel and Joseph Orrin Clark.

Clark, Ray Orrin: 14 May 1896, Mt Pleasant, Utah. died, 18 Oct 1918
           parents Ermimia May Wheelock and Josph Orrin, Clark

Clark, Sarah E.: born 25 Oct 1840, Virginia died 6 May 1915 Chilly, Idaho parents Susanna Conklin and John Gilson.
           Spouse, Orrin Smith Clark.

Cloward, Danton Lee: born 4 Apr 1911, Chilly, IDaho died 14 May 1980, IDaho Falls, Idaho hospital.[obit available]
            parents Jessie Virginia Wilson and Isaac Lee Cloward. Spouse (1)Virginia Leffett, 1943 [div]
                                (2) Enid Sollender mar 9 Sep 1958, Elko, Nevada.

Cloward, Joseph Story: born 6 Mar 1904, Chilly Idaho died 21 Jun 1936, Chilly, Idaho.
            parents Emeline Story and Thomas James Cloward.

Cloward, Lucy Enil: born 29 Nov 1921, Chilly , IDaho  died 1 Jan 1999, Arco, Butte, IDaho. Prents Geneva Coates
            and Arthur Wesley, Sollender. Spouse, (1) Carman Quinto (div) (2) Danton Cloward. [ obit available]

Cloward, William Ross: born 23 Sep 1889, Moroni,Sanpete, Utah. died 22 Jun 1936 Chilly, Custer, Idaho.
            parents Emeline Story and Thomas James Clward. Spouse (1) Caddie Bradshaw (2) Alice Everett

Cloward, Ray : born 27 Aug 1902 Chilly, IDaho died 27 Aug 1902, Chilly, IDaho.
             parrents, Emeline Story and Thomas James Clward.

Cloward, Roy: 27 Aug 1902, Chilly, IDaho died 27 Aug 1902.   parents Emeline Story and Thomas James Cloward.

Coates, baby: 24 Mar 1911, Chilly, DIaho died 24 Mar 19111 Chilly, IDaho
                             Joseph Alberto and O'vanda White, Coates

Coates, Baby: born 22 Sep 1926 Mackay, Idaho died 22 sep 1926, Mackay, IDaho
                             O'vanda White and Joseph Albert Coates.

Coates, Byron B.: born 2 Nov 1924, Chilly, Idaho.  died 31 Oct 1984, Boise, Ada, Idaho.
             parents Ovanda White and Josph A. Coates .  Spouse Lola Gassi, Elko, Nevada. [obit available]

Coates, Clyde B.: born 13 May 1915 Chilly, Idaho died 27 Jan 1931.
            parents Sarah Jane Cloward and Thomas Cyrus Coates.

Coates, Dalls Eugene: born 30 Apr 1917, Chilly, IDaho died 25 Sep 1962, Balckfoot, Idaho
             parents Sarah jaen Cloward and Thomas C Coates.

Coates, Joseph A {Burt}: born 20 Oct 1886, Mt Pleasanat, Utah. died, 11 Feb 1963, Chilly Custer, IDaho.
             parents Lucy Anthea Wheelock and Thomas Coates. Spouse O'vanda White.

Coates, Joseph E.: boen 5 jun 1947, Boise, Ada, Idaho died 24 Sep 1972, Nampa Hospital, IDaho
             parents Lola Gossi and Byron Caotes.

Coates, Lucy A. W.: born 15 Oct 1854, Lehi, Utah, Utah. died 29 Sep 1946, Mackay, IDaho
             parent, Cyrus Hubbaard Wheelock. Spouse Thomas Coates

Coates, Ovanda White:  born 1 Aug 1891, Maoaroni, Uth. 11 AMy 1976, Mackay, Idaho
             parents, Mary Ann Ames and Josph White.   Spouse Burl Coates mar, 10 Sep 1909, Chilly, Id.

Coates, Sadie: born, 19 Jul 1888, Moroni, Utah,  died 16 Oct 1939, Mackay, Idaho
             parents, Sarah Amelia Dehumin and Geroge Delbert Cloward. Spouse, Thomas Cyrus Coates.

Coates, Susanna B.:  born 1 Jul 1879, Mt pleasant, Utah. died 10 Jan 1881.
             parents, Lucy Anthea Wheelock and Thomas Coates.

Coates, Thomas: born 23 Jan 1882, St John, Apache, Arizonia.  died 1 Jan 1960, San Diego, Ca.
             parents Lucy Anthea Wheelock and Thomas Coates
                           Spouse Sarah Jane Cloward,  mar 31 Jul 1907, Dicky, Custer, Idaho.

Coates, Thomas: born 3 Apr 1850-51, St Louis, Mo. died 23 Sep 1920, Chilly , Diaho
             parents, Ann Dutton and Jospeh Coates.   Spouse Lucy Anthea Wheelock.

Coates, Thomas Earl; born 14 Apr 1921, Chilly, IDaho.   died 31 Jan 1922.
             parents Sarah Jane Cloward and Thomas Cyrus, Coates

Crane, Paul E.: born 22 Apr 1921, Dennison, Iowa. died, 30 nov 1967, Blackfoot, Idaho hospital
            parents Elizabeth E. Ash and John Henry Crane.   Spouse Ellen Dickson.

Donahue, Buelah Coates: born 4 Jul 1912 Macakay, Idaho died 31 Oct 1951, Idaho fAlls, Idaho hospital.
                parents Ovanda White and Jopseph Albert Caotes.

Farnsworth, Orma: ?   No dates shown

Fulton, Cora O'Niel: did 1922.

Fulton, David W. : born, 11 Aor 1916 Dickey, Custer, Idaho  died 1 Oct 1974, Dickey, IDaho
            parents Georgia Bascom and Frnak Fulton.   Spouse margery Gordon mar 30 Aug 1940

Hardman, Bernice: born 18 Feb 1915, Chilly, Idaho  died 19 Apr 1985, Lost River Hospital, Arco, Idaho
            [obit]  parents O'vanda White and Joseph A Coates.  Spouse David Hardman, mar 23 Jul 1940 Challis, ID.

Hatfield, David F.: born 15 Dec 1916, Seal township, Ohio  died 23 Jan 1990, Mackay, Idaho. [obit]
              parents, Phoeba Shears and Frank Hatfield Spouse Verle Cloward, mar 4 Apr 1941.

Herrick, Fon B.: 1915-1922.

Herrick, Inn P.: 1918-1920.

Herrick, Mary A.: 1881-1920.

Homer, John B.: born 4 Sep 1857, Iowa. died, 7 Aug 1926 Chilly, Idaho. State Death Cert. #54842.
              Parents, Matha Buchanan and Reuben N. Homer

Howell, Christina: born 1 Jan 1862, Hyrum, cache, Utah died 25 Feb 1935,
              Parents Devig Kristine (Charistianna) Sorensen and Christain Anderson or Andersen.
                    Spouse, John Buchanan Howell

Howell, John B.: born 4 Sep 1857, Utah died 1926 parents, Martha Maria (Marie) Buchanan and Reben Nurce Howell.
                spouse, Christina Anderson note same information can be found in the Mackay Cemetery. [ancestral file]

Hunter,James B. : died 1 Dec 1923, Chilly, Custer, Idaho

Ivie, Delliver: born 29 Oct 1897 Mt Pleasant, Sanpete, Utah  died 19 Apr 1911
             parents pauline Devonna Larter and James Evan Ivie

Ivie, Francis Watson: born 14 Nov 1880 Blackfoot, Idaho died 21 Nov 1947, Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho
             parents Mary Ann Sevingwood and Edwin Watson

Ivie, James Evan: born 22 Aug 1871, Chester Utah  died 15 Mar 1942, Idaho Falls, Idaho
              parents Elizabeth Evans and Thomas Isaac Ivie Spouse Pauline Larter mar 10 Nov 1896, Moroni, Uth.

Ivie, Mary D.: born 1 Feb 1926, Mackay, Idaho died 14 Feb 1926, Mackay, IDaho
              parents Bula Frandsen and Lisle (Lyle) Evan Ivie

Ivie, Ora Ella: born 18 Mar 1915, Chilly, Custer, Idaho  died 18 Mar 1915, Chilly, Custer, Idaho
               parents Ora Linden Larter and Joseph Bruce Ivie.

Ivie, Pauline D.: born  17 Sep 1872 Moroni, Sanpete, Utah died 14 Aug 1961, Darlinton, Butte, Idaho
               parents Phebe Marie Curtis and Henry Neatch Larter. Spouse James Evan Ivie [information in Mackay Cem.]

Ivie, Phebe P.: born 13 nov 1900, Mt Plesant, Utah died 31 Dec 1912. parents, Pauline Devonna Larter and James Evan Ivie.

Johansen, Kristen: 1848-1921

Johnson, Vernon L.: 20 Feb 1922, Mathesan, Colo. died 1 Feb 1985, Nw of Mackay, IDaho [obit available]
                Parents, Allie Fox and Walter H. Johnson. Spouse Joan Weber mar. 24 May 1946 Elko, Nevada

Larter, Claude Mellinotte: bor 2 Jan 1891, Moroni, Utah died 3 June 1948, Parker, Idaho
                 Phobe Curtis and Henry N. Larter  Spouse Ella Clark Mt pleasant, Ut. died 1938.

Larter, Ferry H.: born 11 Oct 1911, Chilly, Idaho died 26 Apr 1984, Richland, Washington
               parent Ella Clark and Claude M Larter  Spouse, Mabelle Luthy mar 1 Sep 1931, Mackay Idaho [obit available]

Larter, Ella C.: born 11 Oct 1875, Mt Pleasant, Utha died 25 Dec 1938, Mackay, Custer, Idaho
              parents Sarah Elizabeth Gilson and Orrin Smith Calrk. Spouse Claudine Melnotte Larter

Larter, Shirle Rex:  born 12 Jul 1914, Chilly, ID  died 16 June 1974 Mackay, Idaho
              parents  Ella Clark and Claude Larter spouse Bessie Reed, mar 1933 Challis

Larter, Verona L.: died 1934

Mc Pherson, Benjamin: born 1 May 1885, Lathow, Mo. died 12 feb 1959, IDaho Falls, Idaho
                Spouse, Ellavern Coates

Mc Pherson, Boyd B. : born 7 Oct 1909  died 19 Oct 1965

Mc Pherson, Ellavera C.: born 12 Sep 1889, Mt Plesaant, Uth  died 8 Mar 1916
                Parents Lucy Anthea Wheelock and Thomas Coates (twin)  Spouse Benjamin Andrew Mc Pherson

Mc Pherson, Lucille: born 3 Jul 1911  died 14 Oct 1915 parents Ellavern Coates and Benjamin Andrew Mc Pherson

Nielson, Anna C., 1852-1933.

Nielson, Bertha M. : born 3 Jul 1892,  died 19 Mar 1902 parents, Annie C. and Soren C. Nielson

Neilson, Dervey: died 1939

Nielson, S. C.: 1852-1933 [headstone, only  years shown ]

Nielson, Soren B. : born 1878  died 26 Mar 1939.

Noakes, Irvin Louis: born 11 Aug 1913, Herbert, Idaho died 23 Jun 1989, Rexburg, Idaho [obit available]
            Alice Eliazabeth Luthy and Leo Milton Noakes  Spouse Leona Rawls 1941[div] (2) Mary Horn Young mar 1978

Reno, Dale Fox: born 8 Oct 1915, Downy, Bannock, Idaho died 6 Nov 1973, Bakersfield, Kern, Ca. [buried Chilly, Idaho]
            parents, Lula Josephine Fox and George Clainto, Reno Spouse mary Lou Coates

Reno, Dianne W.: born 6 Aug 1941, Toolle, Utah  died 20 Jun 1990, Bakersfield, Ca. [obit available]
            parents Maurine Stephinson and Jay Shephaerd  Spouse, Lynn Reno mar, 15 Sep 1961, Salt Lake City, Uth.

Reno, Forrest B. (Bud): born 3 dec 1912  died 10 Jan 1978  parents Lula Josphine Fox and George Clinton Reno

Reno, Mary Lou: born 3 Jan 1921, Chilly, Custer, Idaho  Died 9 May 1977, Mt Home,Idaho [obit available]
            parents Ovanda White and Bert Coates  Spouse Dale F. Reo, mar 1938 in Arco, Idaho

Schudt, Gustin Gary: born 1 May 1961, Idaho Falls, Idaho died 13 Mar 1968. Arco, Butte, Idaho
            parents Sharon Larter and Gerals C. Schuld

Swasey, Alice: 1 Jan 1905, Barton Flats, Custer, Idaho died 1 Jan 1905, Barton Flats, IDaho
            parents Martha Eveline Miles and Rodney Digress or Degrass Swasy

Swasey, Hannah:  born Barton Flats, Custer, Idaho  died 29 feb 1904, Barton Flats, Idaho
            parents Martha eveline Miles and Rodney Swasy

White, Joseph: born 9 Apr 1859 Camp Floyd, Utha, Utah   died 25 nov 1927, Mackay, Custer, Idaho
            parents Mary McCabe and William White  Spouse Mary Ann Ames

Wilson, George Moor Wilson: 4 Dec 1881, Moroni, Sanpete, Uath  died 22 Jul 1958
            parents Harriet Deseret larter and George Washington Wilson. Spouse Mabel Averett [died 19 Jun 1959]
            mar, 10 dec 1906 Mabel's parents are Ann coates and William Clark Averett.

Wilson, E. Ilia Elnor: born 10 MAy 1908, Chilly, Custer, Idaho  died 3 Oct 1921
            parents Mabel Averet and George M. Wilson

Wilson, Mabel a.: born 1 Nov 1889, Springville,Uth  died 19 Jan 1969, Pocatello, Bannock, IDaho
            parents, Ann Coates and William Averett  Spouse, Geo M. Wilson mar 10 Dec 1906
            his death 22 Jul 1959. 21 pg Doward Mort.- Pocatello,

Wilson, Mary A : born 1 Nov 1889, Mt Pleasant, Uth  died 19 jan 1969
            parents Ann Coates and Willam Clark Averett  Spouse George Moor Wilson

Young, Jerusha Jane: 22 Jan 1871, Washington, Utah died 1 July 1951, Hailey Blaine, IDaho
            parents Elizabeth Butler and David William Campbell Spouse Lemuel Marion Young

Young, Lemuel Marion Jr.: born 8 May 1890, Escalante, Garfield,Utah died 21 Dec 1920
            parents Jerusha Jane Campbell and Lemuael Marion Young

Young, Lemuel M: born 19 Jul  1867  Kanarraville, Iron, Utah  died 6 dec 1926, Mackay, Custer, Idaho
            parents, Ann Cherry Willis and Willis Smith Young  Spouse, Jerusha Jane Campbell

Young, Milton: born 1 May 1909 Feler, IDaho died 10 May 1970 Mackay, Custer, Idaho
            parents Jedrusha Jane Campbell and Lemuel M Young  Spouse Maxine Chandler mar 1936-Div-
            (2) Beryl Peck  mar 8 Jan 1952


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