Bayhorse Cemetery

Cemetery information was taken from the book "This Quiet Ground".
Bay horse - Ghost town on the Bayhorse creek. Formerly Aetna and Bay Horse. The Post Office was first established as Aetna, a name then assigned by the U S Post Office because Bay Horse, as two words, was considered unacceptable. By 1884 Bay Horse was listed as a post office name and Aetna was dropped. Now the name is written Bayhorse. The Post Office was discontinued in 1927. Said to have been named for an incident in 1864. A prospector lost his bay horse and in his search discovered an outcropping of ore at the site. - "Idaho Place Names, A Geographical Dictionary".

Name Inscriptions
U.C. AGEL Born: Aug 23, 1883-Died July 20, 1885.
BATISTALOSE Died: Sept. 18-1892- age 22 years
RANCESCO DELL CROSS In memory of -February 1889- November 10(?) P.P.
THO'S HIGGINS Died: May 18, 1882- Age 38 years.
Gone But Not Forgotten- Erected by M Higgins & Wm Brown-S.L.C.,UT.
PETER KELLY May 10, 1885-age(?)
ROSS McDONALD F.D.G - In Memory of - Died: Dec 31, 1884 age 38 years.
P. MALLOY Died: July 31, 1887- Age 45 years.
PE_____ROWEL Died-Jan 2, 1888- age 50 years
JOHN PETERLIM Died: 28 Sept.,- 1887- age 40 years.
(Undecipherable) In Memory of - Born 1825(or 1835) - Died; June 1890.


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