Darlington Cemetery

Courtesy Irene Lawson

"The town called Darlington is only a place along HWY 93 on your way to Mackay Idaho. It is 16 miles north of Arco, Idaho. There is no Post Office. There is a Bar that is open still and old run down store, then a road that I turned left on. They now call it, Smith Road. It takes you on back along the valley to the farms. About two miles up this road on the right hand side is (was in 1995, when I did this) an Old Cemetery.

"It had 4 foot high fenced around each grave, at one end there was wooden steps for you to climb. Then fenced again around all the graves, with old style wooden gate. All this was to keep the antelope that were plentiful in that area, out. I noticed they couldn't keep the moles or rabbits out. There is nice tall old headstones one that I remember well had four sides and the names of family members on each side. The young ones tug at my heart.

"I had to take pictures of these special people among the sage brush." - Irene Lawson: IMLawson2@aol.com

Harris, James Gammel: born 17 Nov 1872, Richmond, Cache, Utah.
    Died, 3 Feb 1919, Logan, Utah
     Parents, Elizabeth Harriett Mahala Gammell and Elic Harris.
    Spouse, Sarah Fransetta, Coleman [mar], 8 Feb 1893, Logan Utah.

Harris, Lucy: born 12 Aug 1912 Cache, Fremont, Idaho.
    died 28 Mar 1918,
     Parents, Sarah Fransetta Coleman and James Gammel Harris

Harris, Earl Coleman: born 23 Apr 1898, Marysville, Fremont, Idaho.
    Died 10 Jun 1920
     Parents, Sarah Fransetta Coleman and James Gammel Harris.

McAffee, Louis Raymond: born 17 Dec 1903, Wallsburg, Utah.
    died, 2 Oct 1918
     Parents, Elizabeth Ann Clayton and John McAffee

Price, Carol Lynn: born 18 Nov 1940, Darlington, Butte, Idaho.
    died 18 Nov 1940, Darlington, Idaho
     Parents, Sarah Louise Anderson and David Lorin Price

Ryberg, Charles Frank: born 10 Mar 1904, Sandy, Utah
    died 1919

West, Betz Jane Fish, born 9 Aug 1836, Compton, Sherbrooker Lowes, Canada
    died 23 Aug 1919, Darlington, Butte, Idaho
     Parents, Hannah Leauitt and Horace Fish.
    Spouse, John Anderson West, [mar] 19 May 1854, Parawan, Iron, Utah


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