A Mackay Sunday Afternoon 1914

"Play Ball"

Sunday afternoon have always been a time for family relaxation and fun. Today, with so many recreational options and means of speedy travel, the day-of-rest has changed significantly from those of years ago. Then, it may well have included a picnic in the local park, sitting on the porch visiting with friends or relatives, croquet on the lawn, and ... maybe even a ball game? "The Copper City" always boasted a fine baseball team, year after year, and competed with teams up and down the valley for bragging rights as the best team around. These articles from the Mackay Miner of 1914 are indicative of the time.

May 28, 1914

Big ball game Sunday

On Sunday next the "Fats" and "Leans" will play baseball at the race track grounds at 2:30. It's going to be a great day for Mackay. Bets are even ---everything is even, except the weight of the (2) teams. Come out and get into the substitute line and pay two bits at the gate to to help the real ball players get new suits.

June 4, 1914

"Fats too heavy for "Leans"
"Tiddly winks for the "Leans" from now on, say "Fats"

Chesty fat men have been parading the streets since last Sunday, that is they are as chesty as lame backs, stiff legs and sore arms will permit of. And all because they took the "slims" into camp last Sunday when the two teams crossed bats, by a score of 26 to 15.

Heavy hitting won the game for the "Fats" and they now say that the slims of Mackay will hereafter be compelled to play tiddly winks for amusement, for there is no one in their class when it comes to playing baseball. A good crowd attended and the receipts contributed a neat sum for the uniform fund of Mackay's "first" team.


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